BG Gear collects only the finest accessories for our customers. Among our favorite brands is S.T. Dupont. We offer a beautiful collection of lighters, ashtrays, cigar cutters and pens.

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An S.T. Dupont lighter is born as a piece of brass, a small piece of solid metal made of a cooper and zinc alloy. It goes through a series of processes to become the final product we know. After extrusion, brazing and machining the body of the lighter and the top are assembled to form the base of the decoration stage in order to ensure a perfectly regular appearance of the product. The work of the master goldsmith can start.

The 'cling' of each lighter is checked before packaging, and if the desired sound is not produced, the lighter will be worked on in order to improve the tone, even if this requires hours of extra work. The concern for perfection and the production process guarantee the superior quality of an S.T.Dupont product. Only Line 2 and Gatsby lighters have this particular sonority due to the composition and assembly of their different pieces.

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S.T. Dupont creates a beautiful line of porcelain ashtrays to compliment many of the designs you see in their lighters, cutters as well as writing instruments to give you a sophistacted collection for any office, or home decor.

S.T. Dupont's precision cigar cutters are available to coordinate with many of their fine lighters and other accessories.

As Jean Cocteau once said, "Writing is an act of love." Since 1973, once held, the S.T.Dupont pen is never forgotten. It is shaped with the act of writing; we make this accessory personal, the extension of ourselves.

The creation of a single pen fashioned from metal is like "haute-couture" it entails no less than 150 operations and 200 quality control tests. This attention to detail extends from the cap to the rhodium-plated, 18 carat gold nib. Each nib is hand-crafted, hand-polished and tested by our experts who hold the secret of the perfect pen.

An S.T.Dupont pen is first and foremost a work of goldsmithing excellence, with many of the procedures requiring almost surgical precision, e.g., guilloche, chasing and engraving techniques. Brass sections are shaped into numerous decorative forms whose finesse and brilliance ensure their uniqueness. Precious material work and application of Chinese lacquer are both signature features of S.T.Dupont pens.

Elegant design and precious materials are the symbol of each S.T.Dupont writing instrument.

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