Quality and innovation define every Invicta watch. With meticulous attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and design, and affordable prices, Invicta luxury watches are within reach for every consumer.

About Eyal Lalo
Eyal Lalo, President and CEO of The Invicta Watch Group, comes by his passion for watches and horology honestly. Born in Central America and raised in the United States, Eyal carries with him three generations of strong watch-making tradition. Having spent much of his childhood beside his father and grandfather at the family’s manufacturing and distribution centers, Eyal grew up learning and experiencing the watch-making business from every angle.

Invicta was originally founded in 1837 with the belief that high quality, luxury timepieces and affordable pricing did not have to be mutually exclusive. After recognizing a need in the modern market, Eyal reintroduced the Swiss brand in 1991; by staying true to its 150- year-old originating principle, Invicta has since become an innovative leader praised by industry experts, savvy consumers, and discerning collectors.

Since the launch of the wildly popular Lupah timepiece in 2002, Invicta Watch Group now boasts an impressive 20 collections. Eyal’s hands-on approach to every aspect of the manufacturing process ensures a level of quality that other watch companies are hard-pressed to match. Always rebelling against the status-quo and taking bold chances to achieve new industry precedents, Invicta has become an industry force, much to the delight of its ever-growing allegiance of watch enthusiasts. Under Eyal’s leadership, Invicta has quickly developed a dynamic reputation synonymous with excellence, diversity, and cutting edge prowess.

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