BG Gear collects only the finest cigar accessories for our customers. Among our favorite brands is Davidoff.

The Davidoff name is synonymous with perfection in both workmanship and design.Which is why the serious smoker takes pride in owning any Davidoff Cigar accessory.

Porcelain Ashtrays:Davidoff luxury Porcelain Ashtrays, made exclusively for Davidoff by a renowned manufacturer, are individually handpainted with decorative borders with our signature logo in genuine gold. Through a fascinating transformation process, natural raw materials become a shimmering and beautiful shining porcelain. The high fire temperatures ensure an immaculate surface, of everlasting beauty.

Crystal ashtrays:A most distinctive gift, Davidoff Crystal ashtrays bespeak richness and elegance. Each of their mouthblown, lead crystal ashtrays is designed and hand-crafted by master craftsmen, brilliantly cut, flawlessly faceted and heavy in weight.

Cigar Cutters:To cut a hand-rolled cigar, a special instrument is required, in order not to damage the cigar. Zino Davidoff gave the following explanation in this context: "The aperture must correspond to the size of the cigar, ensuring that the smoke flows evenly and not excessively. The cut must be clean." For this purpose Davidoff developed a range of high class Cigar Cutters for every taste and need.

Lighters:Davidoff Lighters offer the latest level in technology and are developed and completed on the basis of extensive experience in the area of lighter manufacturing. The user highly appreciates the importance attributed to the lighter's functionality and the brilliant decors combine classical beauty and exceptional craftsmanship in aesthetic perfection.

Cigar Tubes:Davidoff Cigar Tubes prove to be one of the most elegant ways to protect your favorite cigars whereever you go. The beautifully formed Cigar Tubes are available in brass or wood; material, design and finish are appropriately tailored to the cherished contents. These elegant sleeves are available for the Corona and Double Corona shapes and will keep your cigars fresh for several days.

Cigar Cases:Davidoff's perfectly hand-crafted Cigar Cases made of finest calf leather, offer the ideal place to carry two, three or more cigars at the time. The Davidoff Cigar Case adjusts to any cigar length and combines exclusive Davidoff elegance and design with optimum functionality. Davidoff Cigar Cases are available for Coronas, Double Coronas, Robustos, Culebras and Senoritas, so that every cigar can take its proper place.

DISCLAIMER: BG Gear is not affiliated with Davidoff. The items offerered for sale are from private collections. Although all items are authentic, new and with original paperwork, the original warranty of Davidoff items would be with the factory. We also offer gently used, pre-owned Davidoff accessories such as lighters, cutters, pens and ashtrays. BG Gear does not offer any warranties on new or used items. All items new or used are as described and sold "As Is". Items would require return to factory for any warranty.

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